Senior Project Opportunities

2020-2021 Projects

Converting CPE 315 Architecture Materials
Advisor: Chris Lupo |
Convert CPE 315 (architecture) materials to the 64-bit ARM v8 ISA.
Life-Size Interactive Lego Girl Scout Robot
Advisor: Pete Schuster |
Advisor: John Oliver |
Questions: Lindsey Hatlee |
The goal of this project is to create a Robotic Lego Girl Scout to welcome people into each of the regional retail locations. These robotic systems would:
    • Represent a life-size Girl Scout
    • Have an electronic interface (screen and voice recognition) to interact with customers
    • Be made (or appear to be made) from Lego building blocks

Stretch Goal: The robot Girl Scout could move her arm into the Girl Scout hand sign.

Project Flyer | Life-Size Interactive Lego Girl Scout Robot

NASA Centennial Challenge “Break the Ice”
Advisor: Pete Schuster |
Advisor: Lynne Slivovsky |

For this project, CPE students will be working with an ME senior project team this winter/spring to develop a Phase 1 proposal for this NASA Centennial “Break the Ice Challenge.” Phase 1 is design-only, the ME team could then build/test some hardware to verify parts of their design in the Fall.

Pitch to Programmers
Activity Contact: Paul Anderson |

Pitch 2 Programmers is a senior project presentation session organized by the CSSE Department.  Pitch2Programmers is designed to help you sign up for senior project and hear about potential projects you can start working on now! This “event” will be conducted entirely asynchronously through surveys and flipgrids leading into project team formation.

Professor Door Information Portal
Advisor: Paul Hummel |

    • 7”+ touchscreen
    • Display Prof’s schedule
    • Allow for reserving a meeting time (
    • Remote access to post a message on the screen
    • Interface to easy change preset messages/designations for busy/available from a desk using wired buttons, QR codes, or NFC tokens
    • Ability to send a short message to Prof (email, chat, or SMS)

Solar Powered Pier Monitoring Station
Advisor: Bridget Benson |
Work with biology student to design a solar battery powered Raspberry Pi camera and communications hub with 4G cell modem and sub-gig (915MHz) wireless sensor network connection. The camera will initially be used to monitor the harbor seal population near the pier.
Underwater Solar Battery
Advisor: Bridget Benson |
Build a small solar battery logging system with ambient light sensor. Make 5 to 10 loggers and deploy at various depths and locations at the pier and record solar voltage, charge current, battery voltage.
Various Senior Project Ideas
Advisor: James Mealy |
Music-Based Senior Projects
    • Automatic Guitar Tabulature Generator
    • Guitar Bowing Device
    • String Height Measurement Device
    • Music Meter Measurement

Non-Music Based Senior Projects

    • Hot Water Heater Trickle Charger
    • Sun-Powered Crematorium
    • Poor Person’s Skylight
    • Inexpensive Solar Refrigerator
    • Digital Watch Booster for the Hearing Impaired
    • Green Garden Tool: The Snailcutioner
    • Green Tool: the Autonomous Mosquito Trap
    • Nervous Foot Computer Power
    • PolyRatings-type Website for Cal Poly Administrators
CPE 133/233 Support Projects
    • Digital Design Development Daughterboards
    • Basys3 USB Communication Interface Reference Design
    • Basys3 Mouse Interface Reference Design
    • Basys3 Serial Interface Reference Design