Senior Project Analysis Sumission Instructions

Step 1: Download the senior project analysis form

To start, you will download the Senior Project Analysis form. The form has two parts 1) Section A | providing your project information, and; 2) Section B | providing responses to the analysis questions.

Senior Project Analysis Form

Step 2: fill out the information at the top of the senior project analysis submittal form and save it

Provide the following information as requested on the form:

    1. Name of student submitting the analysis (include major and date)
    2. Project Title
    3. Course, Section, Quarter and Year
    4. Indicate if it is an individual or team senior project
    5. Names of your team members (if applicable)

Save your the form and your responses.

Step 3: answer the questions from the form

Type up responses to the questions from this form in a separate document and save it as a pdf. If you are a member of a team, please coordinate with them regarding your answers.

Step 4: initiate a submission request

Initiate your submission request by providing your name /email and faculty advisor’s name/email using the link below.

Senior Project Analysis Submission Request

Note: If you are a member of a senior project team, only one person needs to submit the analysis. As a reminder, please be sure to indicate the names of your other teammates on your senior project analysis form.

Step 5: Respond to submission email

After initiating the request, you will receive an email with a link that takes you to a form where you will upload the following:

    1. Senior Project Analysis Submittal form pdf
    2. Responses to your Senior Project Analysis Questions pdf

Note: Since this email is generated by Adobe Sign, please check your clutter or spam folders if you do not receive a timely email response.

Step 6: Wait for a confirmation email that your form and questions have been reviewed and approved.

After submitting this information, your form will be routed to your advisor for review and approval. When this is complete, you will receive an email letting you know the process is complete.