Virtual Quarter FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

last updated 2/5/2021

Even though no one is in the CPE Office, we are still answering the telephone at (805) 756-1229

Draft an email with the following:

Subject: Request Approval for Permission Number for CPE 400 (461 or 462)

In the body of the email provide:

  • Name (first/last)
  • (Your) Email Address:
  • CPE Course Number: (CPE 400, 461 or 462)
  • Purpose: Senior Project

  1. Send the email it to your faculty advisor and CC
  2. In your email, ask your advisor to approve your permission number by responding to the email with Reply All.
  3. After the CPE Office receives the email approval, we will issue your permission number to you.

*For you are submitting a request for a senior project course number, also include in the body of your email if took capstone CPE 350/450 or alternative capstone class.

For other CSSE, and EE classes, please contact the CSSE and EE offices. If you are unsure who to contact, please email Donna

Please Note: For CPE 400 you will also need a Special Problems Form. Go to the forms page to down download the Special Problems form (link provided below).

CPE Student Forms

If you need a permission for a class (e.g., you changed major into CPE and didn’t take CPE100), email the following person with the class and section(s) you want, why you need to waive the prerequisite. Please be sure to cc Lynne Slivovsky (Director) and Donna Aiken

  • Email Leanne Fiorentino ( for these classes: CPE101, 202, 203, 315, 348, 357, 453, 464
  • Email Yvonne Lynch ( for these classes: CPE 133, 233, 316, EE329, EE211/241, 212/242, 228, 306/346/ 307/347
  • Email the Capstone instructor for CPE350

The Office of the Registrar has created an E-form students may use to request a substitution (see below for the link). Once on the page, scroll down until you see the Petition for Major or Support Course Substitution/Exception – Undergraduate link.

Office of the Registrar – Substitution E-Form

To start, review the Policies & Forms link on the College of Engineering Advising Center home page (link provided below). If you do not see the form you need, visit the Office of the Registrar forms page (link provided below). 

College of Engineering Advising

Office of the Registrar Forms

Please contact the CPE Office at (805) 756-1229 or for details.

Please see the Office of the Registrar’s page to for the updated credit/no-credit policy for CPE (see link below).

Credit/No-Credit Policies