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ROBOCROP Grows from Seniors' Computer Engineering Studies

Computer engineering seniors Adam Calabrigo, Brian Holland and Jeremy Kerfs looked for a culminating project that incorporated what they learned throughout their studie and they came up with the perfect project that included all their talents. They found that Robocrop, a robotic crop monitoring project, fit the bill perfectly. Focusing on agricultural engineering, they felt they could make an impact because the use of automated robotics in farming is still developing. "We were excited by the prospect of making a significant contribution," said Kerfs. "After all, agriculture is one of the industries driving California’s economy."

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A Perfect Mix

Hardware and software work suits Rada Charles. Rada Charles (B.S., Computer Engineering, 2001) talks about how Computer Engineering opened up many opportunities for her and let her work in any industry of her choice.

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Robostock Project Streamlines Inventory Tracking

Drew Balthazor, computer engineering senior, discusses how his team started their project - RoboStock - and and the challenges and rewards of working on a real-world solution. 

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Eric Firestone finds San Francisco Start Up Job Too Enticing to Miss

Eric Firestone (B.S., Computer Engineering/M.S., Computer Science, 2008) has fond memories of his days at Cal Poly, but admits that back then, he didn’t have a clear vision of his career path.

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Meet Maria Pantoja

Maria Pantoja joins the faculty of the Computer Science and Computer Engineering program and talks about her excitement for computers and educating the next generation of computer science and computer engineers.

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Making a Mark with Real World Problem Solving

Manufacturing processes can be lengthy and time-consuming, particularly when the mechanisms used are highly customized. While many companies have found three-dimensional (3-D) printing equipment to be the solution, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories was seeking a more materials-efficient, thus cost-effective, technology. Enter a multidisciplinary team of Cal Poly students and faculty, who came together to see if they could help.

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Joe and Mary Grimes Lend a Hand to Roborodentia

Robotics has been a big part of Cal Poly and their motto of learn by doing and Joe and Mary Grimes help keep it going. "Our goal is to reduce some of the financial burden that might prevent dedicated students from participating in Roborodentia," said Grimes.

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Paying it Forward

Class of 2015 grads come together to help ease financial difficulties of future computer engineering students. "Participating in this campaign gave me a tremendous sense of gratitude for Cal Poly," said Max Parelius (B.S., Computer Engineering, 2015).

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