Paying it Forward

When Computer Engineering (CPE) Program Director John Oliver asked graduating seniors in spring 2015 for a class gift, his goal was to help ease the financial burden for incoming freshmen. “I wanted our freshmen to have access to Nexys boards at no cost,” said Oliver, noting that while they’re invaluable tools, they are pricey. “In CPE 133 students learn the fundamentals of digital design and hardware description language using the boards,” Oliver explained, “and in CPE 233 they apply that knowledge to build computer processors on the Nexys boards. Then they write software that runs on these processors, and they interface the processors to common input/output devices like LCD screens and keyboards.”

Oliver’s request for support resonated with several seniors, who enthusiastically supported the cause. "Participating in this campaign gave me a tremendous sense of gratitude for Cal Poly," said Max Parelius (B.S., Computer Engineering, 2015). "I paid my own way through college, so I know how challenging managing expenses can be." 


Read the full article beginning on PAGE 11 in CPE's Fall 2016 Hello World pdf edition