An Early Attraction

Cindy Meyrath (B.S., Computer Engineering, 1995) is certain that her early exposure to computers helped drive her desire to become a computer engineer. “I feel very fortunate that I had parents who encouraged me to interact with computers when I was growing up,” said Meyrath.

In addition to a natural interest in math and science, she had the opportunity to take a computer science class in high school. “Being able to explore a technical field at a young age was critical in shaping my decision to study engineering,” she said. At Cal Poly, Meyrath became president of the student chapter of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and received the club’s Most Outstanding Women in Engineering honor. After graduating, she entertained a multitude of job offers — an experience familiar to engineering students who complete internships. While she was pursued by major companies — Microsoft and Texas Instruments, to name a couple — Meyrath decided on a software programmer job at Silicon Graphics. "I really enjoyed software development and wanted to work with a close-knit team," she explained. From there, she moved on to Oracle Corp., providing web application and
e-commerce consulting services to clients using the company’s technology.

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