Meet Joseph Callenes-Sloan

Cal Poly’s track record for excellence in teaching was a major factor in attracting Joseph Callenes-Sloan to the university, but it was the curiosity and caliber of the students that won him over. “Seeing the amazement and awe of students excited about learning is such a gratifying teaching experience,” said Callenes-Sloan. “One of my favorite moments is witnessing the light bulb going on in their heads and seeing them thinking, ‘Hey! I get this now. This is really simple and useful!’ I saw that curiosity and energy in the students when I visited Cal Poly.”

Callenes-Sloan is the newest faculty member of the Computer Engineering Program and Electrical Engineering Department. He hails from the Midwest, where he received bachelor’s degrees in both electrical engineering and computer engineering at Iowa State University. He earned master ’s and doctoral degrees in electrical and computer engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 

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