We Can Do It!

The Computer Engineering Program and supporting departments, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, have strengthened their commitment in recent years to help young women explore technolgy majors at Cal Poly. This focus has paid off, with more female freshmen showing up each fall.

“We are pleased with this uptick,” said John Oliver, director of the Computer Engineering Program. “But we know there is more work to be done.” The program is communicating to potential students that technology is not the exclusive domain of the technologically savvy or “nerds” — it’s for everyone and is part of everyday life. For computer engineering majors, this flexibility creates graduates in high demand with infinite potential in the job market, said Oliver. “Creating a major that’s accessible is
something we strive for in our message,” he explained. “It appears to be working, because the women we’re attracting are
highly sophisticated and have high expectations of this program.”

For three computer engineering women, their decision to enroll in the program here wasn’t inspired by the practical applications of the major, but by their individual moments of insight, determination and vision.

Read the full article beginning on PAGE 8 in CPE's Fall 2017 Hello World pdf edition.