The School of Hard Knocks

Brady Aiello, a recent graduate from the Computer Engineering program, did not go through the easiest time during his collegiate journey. The San Jose native initially studied Spanish language and fine arts at UC, Davis, but eventually began working in construction for the next several years. While still working in construction, he decided to transfer to Cuesta College and study electrical engineering. Ultimately, he enrolled at Cal Poly in 2014 where he made the switch from electrical to computer engineering. To make ends meet while finding the balance between raising two children and earning a college degree, he and his wife, Erin, struggled to make ends meet.

After personal and financial difficulties, Aiello received unexpected good news – he had been awarded a significant scholarship from the Martini family. After several years of working hard labor and schooling, Aiello finally finished his master’s degree in computer science this spring and landed a job as a software engineer with Amazon in Santa Cruz, where his wife is pursuing a Ph.D. in biology.

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