about roborodentia

Roborodentia is an annual autonomous robotics competition at Cal Poly held during Cal Poly Open House in April. The event draws over 1000+ spectators and over 15 robot entries and teams on a yearly basis.  Because of its unique challenges, this event attracts roboticists from a variety of communities–Cal Poly students, industry members, alumni, and other universities.

Professor Joe Grimes (Computer engineering program director, 1997-2000) established the competition in 1996 and remained the contest’s advisor for 10 years. Computer engineering majors Dennis Burke and Chris Callanan and electrical engineering major Tom Geiger, all 1996 graduates, were among other early organizers of the event. 

In 2004, John Seng (computer science and computer engineering faculty) took the reins as facilitator and has continued the tradition ever since. Each year, under Seng’s guidance, the planning committee designs a unique set of objectives for the competition. Since its inception, Roborodentia has been one of the most highly anticipated open house events. 

The Evolution of Roborodentia

2017: Robots pick up colored rings from horizontal supply stations and raise 1.5x Flag in the center to score. 

2016: Robots pick up colored rings from vertical supply stations and hook them onto different pegs. 

2015: Robots pick up colored rings and hook them onto pegs of varying heights to score points. 

2014: Robots collect and roll gold balls into pool table-style pockets. 

2012-2013: Robots locate and stack different colored cat food cans. 

2008-2011: Robots shoot ping pong balls into a small soccer-style goal. 

2005-2007: Robots shoot small squash balls onto the opponent’s side of the field. 

1995-2004: Robots pick up racquetballs, navigate a maze and drop the balls in a specified location. 

Roborodentia Winners Hall of Fame

First Place:

Christian Johansen, Dayton Muxlow

Second Place:

Derick Louie

Third Place:

Kota Ozawa

First Place: 

Derick Louie & Kevin Kellar

Second Place: 

Ryan Weideman & Kevin Marshall

Third Place: 

John Contovasilis & Kyle Wuerch

First Place: Lamp 

Kevin Marshall, Ryan Weideman 

First Place: Gerik 

Gerik Nubiak, Justin Ng 

Second Place: Bones 

Kai Rogers, Nate Hoffman, Tyler White, Andrew Gough 

Third Place: Amazon Prime 

Alec Cheung 

First Place: Sonic 

Justine Battle, Ryan Dehaven, Matt Fleck, Chris Kirby 

Second Place: SwolBot

David Lennon, Derek Nola, Chandler Warne 

Third Place: ClawDaddy OG 

John Barry, Di Hoang, Jordan Lin. David Streng

First Place: The Samurai 

Julian Delano, Jake Kelman, Anthony Lombardi 

Second Place: Full Auto

Josh Porter  

Third Place: Spazbot 

Justin Kehl, Jared Everingham, Zachary Baccash, Tyler Dahl  

First Place: Plastoise 

Christian Bundschu, Justine Dunham, Cordell Hollingsworth 

Second Place: The Claaw 

Connor Citron, Jeffrey D’Amelio, Brian Gomberg, Stephanie Krapil 

Third Place: RoboCop 

Zack Crandal, Caleb Porter, Alexander Rohwedder, Nikolai Shkurkin, Robert Tam 

First Place: Catabalistic 

Sam Waldbaum, Geoff Donaldson 

Second Place: Street Sweeper 

Jason Miller, David Pascale 

Third Place: Robotron 

Adelaido Jimenez, Oscar Muneton, Fabian Rodriguez

First Place: Ball Reaper 

Nick Hebner, Antonio Hernandez, Patrick McCarty, Brian Starnes 

Second Place: Bear-O-Dactyl 

Jason Brinsfield, Kevin Schapansky, Josh Senna 

Third Place: Woody 

Hason Yu, Felix Chung, Cahn Sy

First Place: Sexy Plexi

Jonathan Grubb, Kevin Hall, Kent Williams 

Second Place: Woodrow Wilson 

Dan Ford, Chris Herrinton, Chris McCown 

Third Place: Rock ‘n Robotic 

Preedee Chenhansa, Derek Manalo, John Sou

First Place: Awesome-O 

Sam Waldbaum 

Second Place: Tank 

Ben Davini, Antonio Hernandez 

Third Place: Blue Steel 

Erik Toraason 

First Place: Team Low Budget 

Kevin Choo, Jimmy Sy 

Second Place: Servo XS 

Philip Choi, Bao Duong, Huy Duong 

Third Place: Potentates Laureate 

Andy Huynh 

First Place: Data-B

Blair Baker, Mark Walz & Chris Pasillas

Second Place: Ballin’ on a Budget

Joseph Soldo

Third Place: Frankenstein

Victor Tinoco & Dexter Rayray

First Place: Scorpio


Second Place:

Ryan Lavering

First Place: D. Fassio

Brian Starnes & Adam Grenier

First Place:

Tim Whiteacre 

First Place: 

Geoff Nichols

First Place: Micromouse 

Cal State Northridge: Jeff Bain, Tom Roberts 

First Place: Roborodentia

Jeff Bain, Mike Romine