Roborodentia FAQs

Roborodentia is a small-scale robotics competition that takes place every year during Open House. 

Teams may spend as much money as they want in creating a robot, but a basic robot will run about $100. 

You can ask on the forums for help, or you can come to one of our workshops we will be having around twice a month. We also offer more personalized support if you email one of the members listed in the “Contact” section. 

Some good places to buy robot parts can be found under the “Resources” section. 

There are no restrictions on the type of microcontrollers used for this competition. There are also no restrictions on the type of software used to run the robot. The only exception is that the robot must be autonomous; it cannot be remote controlled.

Your robot size can vary year to year, so you should refer to the Robot Specifications under this year’s competition rules. 

You can sign up as ‘Looking for a Team,’ which will put you in contact with other people who are also looking for roommates. 

All majors are allowed to compete in this competition.