CPE 200 and 400 Enrollment Process

This process allows you to request a permission number for CPE 200 or 400 electronically and receive your permission number via email.

Before you can enroll, you must have an advisor selected and project defined. If you have not completed these steps, please review the information in the Special Problems section (see link below).

Special Problems Information

The special problems permission number request is initiated by providing your name and your advisor’s name. The request will be sent through Adobe Sign for your signature and your advisor’s signature. Click on the Special Problems Enrollment Form link below to initiate this process.

CPE 200 or 400 Enrollment Form

After you initiate the  permission number request, Adobe Sign will send you an email with a link that will take you to two (2) forms you will need to fill out.

You will have two (2) forms to fill out: 1) The first form is called the Special Problems form where you provide your instructor’s name and provide a description of the project you will be working on; 2) The second form is the permission number request. Complete the forms and sign.

Your form will be routed to your advisor and the CPE Department Chair for signature. Once signed, the form is sent to the CPE Office for permission number to be assigned.

You will receive an email notification from Adobe Sign that your form is complete and that a permission number has been assigned. (Please note: These notifications can be routed to clutter or junk mail. Please check to see if your your notification was sent there if you do not see a timely response.)

Special Note: Since these courses are variable unit (CPE 200 is 1-2 units; CPE 400 is 1-4 units), please be mindful to change the unit count before registering. Course automatically assigns you 1 unit unless you indicate otherwise.