Forms and Processes

General fORMS

Senior Project

These guidelines serve as a suggested starting point for writing your report. Please discuss with your advisor prior to following the document instructions to ensure you are meeting the instructor’s project requirements.

Senior Project Report Guidelines (PDF)


Complete this on-line Work Information Form and e-mail to your Co-op Faculty Advisor by the end of the first week into your work assignment.  

Work Information Form (PDF)

During your meeting with the CPE Director, you will fill out this form out and you and the Director will sign it. 

Student Agreement Form (PDF)

Progress reporting assists students in evaluating their overall Co-op experience as well documenting work information that may be helpful for future interviews.

Progress Report Form (PDF)

A realistic assessment of your present level of skill in specific learning outcome areas, to be completed by your immediate Co-op supervisor and returned to your Co-op Faculty Advisor.

Supervisory Evaluation Form (PDF)

To evaluate how much your Co-op experience affected the clarity of your career plans and goals, and your present level of skill in specific learning outcome areas.

Student Evaluation Form (PDF)