Current Students

Student Mentoring

The department’s peer-to-peer mentoring program is facilitated as part of the CPE 100 experience. Upper-division students are assigned as mentors to a small group of incoming freshman students fall quarter.  Mentors have an opportunity to help incoming freshman transition to Cal Poly by sharing their knowledge of the campus and experience as an engineering student.


We know how tough it can be to get through classes, but there are resources on campus to help.

The Computer Science Department offers tutoring focused on courses in the CPE/CSSE subject areas.

>CSSE Tutoring

Student clubs are also a resource for tutoring help. Contact information for clubs that provide these types of resources are below:

>Computer Engineering Society



Campus offers a variety of student resources including study sessions, workshops and peer-to-peer tutoring in subjects across all six colleges.

> Tutoring, Study Session & Workshops