Academic Credit for Internships

Department Policy

General Information and Applicable Units

CPE students can earn academic credit for internships by registering for CPE 400 through this special process.  Students can register for 1 or 2 units at a time per term for a maximum of 4 units overall.

A student must register for CPE 400 the same term (fall, winter, spring, or summer quarters) as the internship to receive academic credit.  The student selects the number of units, with the expectation that 2 units is only appropriate for a full-time position. The 1-unit option is primarily to support international students who will need to take this course more than once.

Documentation, Employer Contact and summary report

The enrollment request form requires the student to upload documentation of the internship to ensure the internship is applicable toward their CPE degree. The student must also, provide contact information for their supervisor so that an assessment survey can be sent to them at the end of the quarter. This survey will be used to determine satisfactory completion of the internship and to gather other potentially useful data (e.g., the type of work done, ability to work as a team, ability to work independently, etc.). 

The CPE Office/Department Chair will reach out to all enrolled students for supervisor contact info. The student is required to write a 1-page summary of their internship (following appropriate NDA restrictions as needed). 

Rescinded or Cancelled Internships

If your offer is rescinded or you are laid off within the first week of work by your company (as sometimes happens), you will need to drop the course for that term. 

Getting Credit and a Grade

  • You must register for CPE 400 the same term as your internship.

  • The department chair will collect contact info from your supervisor.

  • At the end of the internship, your supervisor will be asked to complete an assessment survey and you will write and submit a summary of your internship.

Registering for the course

  • Initiate the enrollment process by completing the Academic Credit for Internship Enrollment Form (see link below).

  • Complete the required fields on the AdobeSign form and attach your internship offer letter.

  • The office will add the appropriate CPE 400 section, class number and your permission number to the form.

  • Retrieve your permission number from the completed form to enroll in the class.

Academic Credit for Internship Enrollment Request Form

Special Note: CPE 400 is a variable unit course (1-4 units), please be mindful to change the unit count before registering. Course automatically assigns you 1 unit unless you indicate otherwise.