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Frequently Asked Questions

You register through Schedule Builder (formerly PASS) which works with the Degree Planner tool.

See the Office of the Registrar Schedule Builder section

Registration issues come up from time to time. Read through the most common registration issues below to troubleshoot your situation.

Class has available seats, but you are restricted from registering:

  • You haven’t met course requisites: Be sure you’ve taken all the prerequisites prior to enrolling. If you are certain that you are eligible to enroll, but the system isn’t recognizing that you’ve met course requisites, contact the department/program offering the course for instructions on how to proceed.
  • You are taking the course off-flow chart: You will need to fill out an off-quarter enrollment form at the Electrical Engineering Department Office to request a permission number to enroll.
  • Your registration rotation is passed: If your rotation has passed, you will have to wait until the Open Enrollment period begins to register.

Class is full and you cannot register:

  • Get on the wait list: You will need to get on the wait list if the course is full. Departments use wait list information to determine if there’s a need to open an extra section or create additional seats in a class.
  • Email the instructor or the department/program offering the course: You can contact the instructor of the class directly to inquire about seating availability.
  • Come see the CPE director: If you cannot enroll in a class that will delay your graduation, come into the CPE Office asap to make an appointment with the CPE Director.

Other technical issue with registration:

  • If you are having a technical issue with registration it’s best to contact the Office of the Registrar directly.

Taking courses in order on the flowchart is ideal, but sometimes not possible. The impact of missing a class depends on which course it is and if it affects the prerequisite chain to EE 306. Students who are concerned about missing a course should make an appointment to see the CPE director as soon as possible.

Depending on the course, you may need to check with the Office of the Registrar or Engineering Advising Center.

  • Is the course listed on your curriculum sheet or as an approved technical elective? For instance, you took CPE 123 but it doesn’t appear in your progress toward degree. For courses like this you need to check with the Office of the Registrar.
  • Did you take a course that was a substitution for another course? For example, you took CPE 400 to satisfy a technical elective credit. Or because you were a transfer student, you are applying units you took previously to satisfy one of the CPE required courses. In this instance, you need to go to the Engineering Advising Center and pick up a Substitution Form. Fill out the form and have the advising center route it for signature.

EE 306 is a class CPE students take in their junior year. Every class up to that course is a prerequisite. To ensure you’ll hit graduation in a timely manner, be sure that you are planning to take EE 306 fall of your junior year. 

Although not passing a course can be cause for worry, please keep in mind that you do have options. Refer to the individual course guidelines on passing grades to help you determine if you should repeat a course. If you need further assistance, you can contact the CPE Office or Engineering Advising Center for more information regarding your options and/or make an appointment to speak to someone.

See the Repeating a Course section for more information.