Senior Project Enrollment Process

This process allows you to request a senior project permission number electronically and receive your permission number via email.

If you have not taken Senior Project yet, you will need to enroll in CPE 461 (Senior Project I). Please note that this assumes you already have an advisor and a project idea. If that is not the case, please review the senior project steps (see link below). If you took Senior Project I the previous quarter, you will be enrolling in CPE 462 (Senior Project II).

Senior Project Information

The senior project permission number request is initiated by providing your name and your advisor’s name. The request will be sent through Adobe Sign for your signature and your advisor’s signature. Click on the Senior Project Enrollment Form link below to initiate this process.

Senior Project Enrollment Form

After you initiate the senior project permission number request, Adobe Sign will send you an email with a link that will take you to the senior project form.

You will complete and sign your senior project form in Adobe Sign. In addition to which course your would like to enroll in, you will be asked which senior project prerequisite you have taken.

Once your advisor signs, the form is sent to the CPE Office for permission number to be assigned.

You will receive an email notification from Adobe Sign that your form is complete and that a permission number has been assigned. (Please note: These notifications can be routed to clutter or junk mail. Please check to see if your your notification was sent there if you do not see a timely response.)

*Late Add

If you are trying to add a class after the add/drop deadline, you will need to submit a late add form (see link below). After the late add deadline has passed, this option will no longer be available until the next term when the link will refresh. If you have questions about the late add process, please contact the College of Engineering Advising Center.

Office of the Registrar | Late Add