About Computer Engineering at Cal Poly

Computer engineering plays a diverse role in addressing many of the world's largest problems, from the way people communicate with each other to affordable medicine and environmental quality of life.  In fact, computer engineering technology is in almost every aspect of your life. It's a Computer Engineer who helps design a computer product that interfaces with the real world and helps us with our daily lives. It comes as no surprise that Computer Engineers are represented in virtually every industry and are involved with almost any product you use.

You may have heard that Computer Engineering is a good major for people with a natural curiosity for how things work or people with a high aptitude for math and analytical thinking. While strong math and analytical skills are important, the truth is Computer Engineering encompasses more than just being good at computers or math. In fact, it takes students who can think creatively and are focused on working on the challenges that we face every day such as keeping our environment safe, developing technologies to deliver better medical care, and helping all of us manage information and communications to keep our lives running smoothly. As you can see, the knowledge students gain as a Computer Engineers can be applied to a broad range of applications.