Special Problems | CPE 200 and 400

Why do students take CPE 200 or 400?

Students take these courses for a variety of reasons. Between the two, CPE 400 is typically the one chosen because it can satisfy a variety of requirements. For instance, they may need extra units during the quarter to satisfy an enrollment requirement. Other times, students take CPE 400 in preparation for senior project or with the intent to use the course units for technical elective credit.

Technical Elective Credit using CPE 400

To receive technical elective credit using CPE 400, students must be approved for technical elective credit prior to registering for the course and students are limited to 4 units. In addition, students need to submit a substitution form (available at the Engineering Advising Center) in order to apply CPE 400 units toward their technical elective requirement.

How to Register for CPE 200 or 400

To register for CPE 200 or 400 you need to choose a CPE faculty member who can advise you on your project. The advisor then approves your proposed project using a Special Problems form which allows you to  obtain a permission number to register.

See CPE 200 and 400 Enrollment to initiate the permission number request process

Special Note: Since these courses are variable unit (CPE 200 is 1-2 units; CPE 400 is 1-4 units), please be mindful to change the unit count before registering. Course automatically assigns you 1 unit unless you indicate otherwise.